Buying Immovable Properties:

Property is one of the most valuable assets we possess. Property is also one of the best investment tools. Maximising returns on property asset is therefore always on top of mind. We can help you out with our deep knowledge, information regarding the properties and a keen understanding of the market forces, including Govt. policies and directions, to make the critical decision of when to transact.

Retail Property:

Location is everything if your business is in retail. Other than product factors like price and marketing, location is the most important factor that determines success. We can help you choose the right location by understanding the unique location needs of each retail type. Then, with our strong relationships with retail property owners, we can procure the best possible site that suits your budget.

Liasoning and Legal Consultancy:

Our company provides all types of Legal advices regarding the immovable properties. We also specialise in giving expert legal advice pertaining to all the aspects of immovable property, right from verifying land registry checks over the ownership and title of the property to the final documentation related to sale/purchase of the properties. Our service also includes in checking and getting the required documents from the offices of concerned Talathi/City Survey officer and other concerned Govt. Departments. In the purchase of any property, a well drafted document saves a lot of trouble that result in undesirable litigation in the future. It is thus important to get these important documents right in the first place. We can assist in their proper drafting and execution to make sure that in times of dispute/litigation or change in circumstances you are not left feeling let down due to improperly or poorly drafted documents.

Expert Advice:

Our adviser Dr. W. N. Waghmare is holding the highest Law degree (Ph.D. in Law) and has vast experience in the matters of immovable property laws, Cooperative Housing Societies related Laws and complete procedures regarding the grant of Govt. lands. He is also registered with MAHARERA as a Real Estate Agent. He has a deep knowledge regarding the RERA Act and also the knowledge of working of MAHARERA and concerned Rules.


Our company can give expert advice on matters/cases related to MAHARERA.Our company can get the Deemed conveyance orders from DDR competent authorities for co-op.housing societies. Our company can give expert advice for redevelopments of old buildings including self redevelopments and also arranging housing loans for them.

 Quality Objectives

In Orient-Stars we have set following objectives:
- To reduce Client complaints to zero.
- To increase customer satisfaction level by continual improvement.

Orient-Star Consultancy and Services Pvt. Ltd.